Over 75 years of continuous innovation in tonometry and glaucoma diagnostics, including Corneal Hysteresis and IOPcc.

Ocular Response Analyzer® G3

Corneal Hysteresis and IOPcc

Make a more confident glaucoma risk assessment with Corneal Hysteresis & IOPcc – more objective predictors of glaucoma progression.

Reichert® 7CR

Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology®

Patented Corneal Response Technology® provides corneal-compensated IOP (IOPcc), clinically superior to other methods of tonometry in the evaluation of glaucoma risk.

Tono-Pen AVIA®

Advanced Handheld Tonometer

Tono-Pen AVIA Handheld Tonometer is always ready-to-use and calibration-free. Now with Quick-Tap® Mode, for more confidence in less measurements... the most advanced Tono-Pen yet.

CATS® Tonometer Prism

The New Shape of IOP.

A new, modern, patented prism designed for your Goldmann tonometer.


Contact Tonometer

Precision contact tonometry for compact-style slit lamp.

Model 30™


Accurate tonometry and tonography.

Reichert® 7

Auto Tonometer

Non-contact tonometry with the press of a single button.

Tono-Vera® Vet

Veterinary Handheld Tonometer

The right measurement, right away. See your confidence in a single, automated IOP measurement with ActiView™ Positioning System.

Tono-Pen AVIA Vet®

Veterinary Handheld Tonometer

All the features and accuracy of our award-winning Tono-Pen AVIA, made especially for the veterinary professional.

Ocu-Dot® Tonometer Probes

Box of 100, Individually Packaged
For Tono-Vera® Tonometers

Easy to install, convenient to dispose, perfectly paired with the Tono-Vera Base.

Ocu-Film® + Tip Covers (Box of 150)

Box of 150, Individually Wrapped
For Tono-Pen® Tonometers

Genuine brand Ocu-Film®. Protect your your patients and your Tono-Pen®.