EMR Interface Software

ReichertCapture® is a software package designed to receive serial data from Reichert® instruments, organize the data, and send data to a system computer with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software configured to accept XML files or HTTP Post transfer protocols.
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The ReichertCapture software is configured by selecting an instrument model, a COM port and associated communications settings, a specified data output folder or webpage and, if supported for the instrument model, a specified data input folder for each unit. Up to four Reichert device channels can be interfaced at one time with the software.

Once the configuration is complete (e.g., settings, information of the specified COM ports, file folders) the ReichertCapture software will be active and ready to interface data between Reichert instruments and EMR software.

After ReichertCapture is set up, the program will automatically launch when you start your computer, and data will be ready to transfer.

Catalog Number: 16000

Compatible Devices

Phoroptor VRx
Auto Phoroptor RS
Visutron 900+
Visutron Touch

Auto Keratometer/Auto Refractors
OptoChek Plus

Lens Meters
LensChek Plus
LensChek Pro

Reichert 7
Reichert 7CR
Ocular Response Analyzer G3


ReichertCapture® EMR Interface Software - User's Guide
ReichertCapture® EMR Interface Software - User's Guide
Download Download
ReichertCapture EMR Interface Software v 1.4.0 (.zip)
ReichertCapture EMR Interface Software v 1.4.0 (.zip)
Download Download

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